LAND MONITORING SYSTEM (LMS)2018-11-30T17:50:30+05:30


This modeling system uses land model and integrates satellite land data, observation data with data assimilation techniques.

The LMS uses a combination of observed and analyzed meterological forcing (precipitation, solar and longwave radiation, and surface wind, moisture,temperature) to drive a land-surface model to simulate the evolution of land surface states (e.g., soil moisture and temperature, snow, etc.).

Land Monitoring System has six components.

  1. For agriculture applications, this system will keep providing real-time data for soil conditions (dry or wet soil) information and these high-resolution mapping over India will be very useful in the agriculture revolution. The land surface temperature including vegetation index can provide drought conditions(classifying as normal, moderate, strong, severe).
  2. The LMS is very useful for weather and climate forecast system and we need this system specially over Indian continent.
  3. The LMS will keep updating landuse and land cover map over India and this will helpful in quantifying the landuse change and how much it is changed and can we address some very critical question on what our landuse will look like if we keep changing our urban to agriculture practices at the same rate.
  4. Drought monitoring
  5. We are start developing River model for India and forecast streamflow over the entire continental India.
  6. Wild fire application and vegetation mapping

We are started working on developing LMS system for India Continent and work with Indian government agencies across the board and as well private industries.