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Many cities in India are still in the early stages of the urbanization process, meaning they have a unique opportunity to develop sustainable cities right from the beginning – a much more viable option than trying to retrofit them later on.

Weather Analytica provides in-depth analysis of landscape, topography elevation and soil conditions. And how a smart cities tackles rainfall and some important challenges as follows:

  • Cities face great challenges with water, either too much or too little
    Our cities are flooded immediately after few episode of rainfall and we have to redesign our cities, adaptation is urgent
  • A system approach is required. We need to restore the natural resilience of cities and their surrounding landscape
  • Nature based adaptation is a huge opportunity to improve quality of life
  • Create evidence base in living labs and exchange best practices
  • Urban (re)development programs offer large opportunities for co-creation. U$ 3 trillion invested in urban infrastructure


When rain falls to the ground in nature, water is absorbed and filtered by soil and plants. Yet in urban areas, the miles of paved surfaces and
infrastructure mean that fallen rain, or stormwater runoff, can be a major problem. Water that runs off of surfaces instead of seeping into the ground carries pollutants such as trash, bacteria, and chemicals gathered from the urban landscape. Stormwater runoff can also lead to floods and the erosion of urban waterways, which can cause serious property and infrastructure damage.

Transition towards green, circular and resilient cities, Weather Analytica provides intelligence solutions for planning & developing new smart cities as follows

  • Landscape/Landuse & Topography Mapping using remote satellite High-resolution (10s of meters spatial scale) and also include survey from Drone based technology.
  • Topography elevation and flow pattern investigation.
  • Reconstruction of heavy rainfall (local and regional) events to understand rain water flow across and around the city region.
  • Based on above three conclusions, Weather Analytica will provide nature-based adaptation to build smart cities which can improve quality of life and keep expanding urban future developments.