Cyclone Vayu gaining strength in Arabian Sea and Landfall near Gujarat coast

The cyclone Vayu is gaining strength with CAT-1 hurricane scale.  The Vayu will make possible landfall at the Gujarat coast by early Thursday.

The coast region of Maharashtra and Gujarat is on high alert with possible damaging winds and flooding rain. It is possible that Vayu may intensify to CAT-2 category as ocean heat is significant near the coastal region of India.

High inundation from this storm is very likely all along the coastal region especially between Mumbai and Gujarat coastal shoreline. Much more wide spread rainfall over Gujarat region and possible severe flooding.

This storm is damaging but will bring much relief with cooler temperature, and much needed rainfall amount that will help to ease on drought affected region of Gujarat and Maharashtra region.

The Vayu cyclone will slam onshore of Gujarat with possible 140 km/h wind speed which can cause widespread tree damage and possible power outages in the region. The rainfall amount could be in the range of 100-150 mm according to Senior Meteorologist Anil Kumar. Kumar indicating that dry air from Pakistan limits the further cyclone movement after landfall and gradually dissipate cyclone Vayu.

The Vayu will bring winds and moisture from Arabian Sea and can reach to Delhi NCR region and this will trigger some strong thunderstorm as well in Delhi and NCR region.

The track of cyclone Vayu is shown below with possible landfall on early Thrusday.

courtesy – cira rammb

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