Cyclone FANI puts Orissa state and adjoining coastal areas in Line of Fury

Currently cyclone FANI is evolving and eventually becoming much stronger cyclone in next few days especially on 2-3 may 2019. Multi-model approach suggesting that cyclone FANI is towards north of Bay of Bengal, but its not clear whether it will hit Orissa or will go further in north Bay of Bengal and dissipate around Bangladesh region.

Two models mainly Hurricane WRF (HWRF) and GFS (Global forecast System) model shows some similarity but diverging in their directions as it reaches near Orissa coast. All models show northward movements and shows deviation once it reached close to Orissa coast. The cone of uncertainty lies between Orissa-Bangladesh-Myanmar coastal line.

FANI storm is gaining more strength as it moves north of Bay of Bengal sea and likely falls into the category of very severe cyclonic storm, and can be very catastrophic  for landfall region.

Courtesy (CIRA)

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