Storm Weather Analytica Private Limited

We are private firm that specializes in the forensic weather-rain reconstruction for smart cities planning, weather forecasting for agriculture and crop damage assessments, atmospheric wind modeling and forecasting, and weather & water damages for home insurances agencies.

Our company provides solution for Urban-Flood problem after conducting in-depth analysis using reconstruction of rainfall event with high resolution landuse and topography. In our pilot simulations, integrated analysis will be very conclusive outcome about heavy rainfall and water flow across topography and such pilot simulations must be carried out over Mumbai, Chennai, Gurugram, Kolkata and every new developing cities across India. Impervious surface planning in upcoming Millennium city like Gurugram need to be considered again for any further developments. Waterlogging was not a problem in Gurugram till it entered this millennium because the land was porous and free of concrete.

According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the population will increase by 2 billion by 2050. However, only 4% additional land will come under cultivation by then. By using new technological solutions, we are capable of delivering solution to make farming more efficient. Currently, Our company is working with farmers in the Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh region and collecting crop data for better assessment of crop for Insurance agencies. With AI technology we are developing algorithm to provide information on the specific crop plantation and yield production. We are utilizing Drone technologies in detecting the abnormality in the crop health index for example thermal IR mapping sensor can distinguish between bad and healthy crop.

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